Beyond the Third (working title); a work in progress.
Acrylic on Canvas
60"w x 48"h
My thoughts for this painting were to have several types of visual elements- spread across the entire canvas. each of which would form some sort of pattern, or suggest movement or transition. I anticipate each pattern will require a certain amount of focus or effort on the part of the observer, and that it may be impossible to perceive all of the patterns simultaneously.
In this initial layer, I've painted two types of dashed lines: narrow black and a broad rusty red. Both form a concentric flowing pattern around an axis off the canvas. Because the centers of each swirl are far apart, the line segments intersect at hundreds of points across the entire work- but they don't seem to clash or interfere with each other.
I will be painting over everything you see now, but I'll use translucent layers so that at least a trace of these vortexes will still be visible.