My Cursor                              by Sherwood Gainer  © all rights reserved

The cursor --
floating on my screen --
waits patiently for me

On and off;
drawing attention,
hinting at a need to focus

like a metronome--
counting off the seconds of inactivity

Flashing, like a blinker
signaling driver inattention
For twenty seven turnpike miles

Obediently sitting,
like a loyal pet,
anticipating his owner’s command

It is also the touchpoint
Between a thousand engineers and programmers
And me

precision disks spin thousands of times a  minute
storing trillions of points of data
and millions of transistors
operate billions of times each second

reams eloquent logical instruction
coordinate the circuits and electrons
into an omnipotent assistant

The entire apparatus
stands ready; humming softly
dutifully executing its only current task: flashing the cursor.

My writing will appear
in an appropriate font and style
with helpful analysis for correctness

But right now
There are no words
to display or process

I remember
Last week on the news
They said worker productivity was up

I guess that wasn’t me.