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Off and On and On
Busy Bones
Blue Words
Rhythm and You
Vanishing Highway

All Lyrics copyright Sherwood Gainer  © all rights reserved

Mindful Second



     Vanishing Highway  

     In Motion              

     Into Your Mind            

     Blue Words              

     Darkest Days         

     Off and On and On     

     Busy Bones

     Rhythm and You         


     Made It This Far  

It used to be that everything I ever wanted

I could have in dreams
You used to be the only one I ever wanted

the only one in my dreams
Now I'm awake I'm wide awake you’re by my side

you’re in my life out of my dreams
And when I sleep theres nothing more that I could want

I’ve no more need for dreams

working my way through the day;

through the motions like a dream
one hundred three shades of gray

is there more than there would seem
finding my mind so behind

I need to focus like a beam
i know I just need a little spark

to get my motor started

left foot in front of the right

how much farther till we get there
mind working slow kind of low

I don’t know I feel I'm paired
it seems that my beans lack caffeine

it’s a scheme it isnt fair
i know I just need a little spark

to get me back in gear

wow even now I don’t know how

I ever got up in the morning
we all hit a wall and we stall

this is getting old and boring
i need to break the routine, intervene,

change the scene or change the scoring

i know I just need a little spark

to get back in the game





In Motion
I’m in motion
I’m the commotion
an old school groove
a new age move
I'm a reaction
I'm an emotion
rhythm is the muse
dance is the devotion -- I'm  in motion

I’m in motion
I’m a notion
I'm constant change no limit to my range
I'm the equation
I'm the promotion
I'm restless every day
my objective is to stay all ways in motion

vibration oscillation activation participation
gyration liberation acceleration sensation
snare attraction, bass allure. Locomotion is the cure
a rhythmic agent provocateur -- I'm  in motion





Off And On And On
there’s x and x and x and y

for him and her and she and I
i wonder woman if we see

the same differences differently

part united status quota

three point one four a la moda
standing still then once upon

we’re off and on and on and on

the emperor’s new novelty

a tragic strip commodity
shadow and illumination

facts in our Imagination

slowly showing bit by bitter

puzzle piece survival fitter
sooner later now and then

we’re off and on and on again

make a “u” turn of events

for reasoning outside the fence
or run away and join the circuit

figure eight bit how to work it

sandwich counter culture lost

the two for t are double crossed
courting jesters play the pawn

the count is off and on and on




Busy Bones (Too Much Work)
you can rest, when you’re dead
that is what they always said

but there’s too much work
no time to spare
too much work
more than I can bear
too much work
but find someone who cares
no one ever said that the afterlife is fair

death benefits, I confess: we were wrong all along
who could know, after all it was a guess




Vanishing Highway
Vanishing highway don’t go astray

keep me between the lines
do not forsake -- help me awake

and see the signs

All that I see all I know

are what the lights reveal
the beams are stark against so much dark,

I can’t be sure what’s real

I'm unafraid as I drift and fade

toward my resting place
where darkness hides and shadows reside

I will leave no trace



Blue Words
Well it ain't exactly fun

when you're underneath the gun,
and told you’ve only just begun

to pay your dues

still, one  thing I know for sure –

I hope they never find a cure
for that sacred tawdry pure thing

called the blues

I'm sure I wouldn’t know ma’am

(if it) should be called it slow jam
or a 12-step self-help program

you can use

for relationships that fall apart

or other matters of the heart,
there’s no advice I can I'm part—

I must recuse.

(but) don’t be overly concerned about 

how everything will turnout
You’ll end up losing sleep ‘n burnout

like a fuse

For these or anything that boarders

upon ailments or disorders
repeat the eight and 40 quarters --

watch  the cues

it’s the cure and its depression,

its expression and confession
just fall back on the progression

it’s no ruse  

it’s like a special kind of gift --

the way the root, the 4th and 5th
can always give morale a lift,

it just cant lose  

yup, one thing I know for sure

I hope they never find a cure
for that sacred tawdry pure thing

called the blues


Darkest Days
im no stranger to failure
dissapointment and me we go way back
i was heavily involved with unfulfilled potential
our plans never made it on the track

i used to walk to school five miles uphill
for humiliations writ in chalk
sometimes i’d fall sleep with my clothes still on
between a rock and a hard knock

tragedy lived right next door--

when he wasn’t on the street
unseemly was our landlord

we shared a kitchen with defeat

thinking thoughts of you
always got me through
those darker times and doubts that filled my head
still I guess I always knew

that you were too good to be true
my darkest days are still ahead

never made it high enough to qualify for downfall
never got ahead to be setback
and except for few occasions of misdemeanor violations
never had a record you could track

shared a joint account with insufficient
then did hard time with unmet expectations
once I thumbed a ride to jersey with calamity
hopeless and lost are close relations

the forgotten man pretended that he didn’t even know me;

after all that we’d been through
fear itself looked the other way

and shuffled out of view
Pity saw me approach and turned 

I watched him cross the street
Misfortune couldn’t bring herself look me in the eye

just stared down at her feet



Rhythm and You
you hear a hard drivin' rhythm,

and you jump out of your chair
you run to the dance floor,

and I'm already there
we’ll work out all our worries,

and shake off all our cares

rhythm and you
rhythm and you
there’s no feelin blue
when I got rhythm and you
thats right I always pull through
when I got rhythm and you

well monday was bad
tuesday was worse
by wednesday I was thinkin’
maybe I was cursed
it felt like all my gears
would only move me in reverse

well thursday came along,

and I began to see the light
just one day to go,

and everything would be alright
I was dreaming of the dancing

we would do on on friday night

Into Your Mind
one hundred trillion

neural connections

infinite thoughts

countless perceptions

what is your thinking?

what is thought?

is it inherent?

is it taught?
let’s take a look into the mind

we store and process

in a constant stream

both while we’re conscious

and when we dream

knowledge expanding

with each calculation

all understanding;

every sensation

i want to look into your mind

Lowbrow hijinks

comical depravity,

changing a flat

on the road to calamity


Ask the authority

overcome with apathy,

“what does it mean to err”

oh-oh the humanity

Gilded debt ceiling

paint on the walls peeling

I have an uneasy feeling

about what they are not revealing

Too late for safety first

now that the dam burst

now that the past is worst

see who’s gone and who is cursed

Repeat. It’s a repeat. I’ve seen this before.

Let’s be less than clear

it’ll be a good year

if you fill the bosses ear

with only what he wants to hear

Nearsighted corporate vision

annual report edition

incomplete with new omissions;

and well chosen indecisions

Fire in the trading pit

triggered by a random bit

none want to admit

why only top clients benefit

After the closing bell

after the final yell

inside they traded well

pity that the sky fell

Vote for the fathers and

pray for the motherland

there is a new demand

for lines drawn in the sand

Dreaming up a history

spoiled by the victory

gloss over the misery

with a slippery delivery

Diplomacy was left behind

the leadership are all resigned

to giving up on trying to find

a way to win the hearts and minds

Now those behind the gun--

never got their lessons done,

never finished chapter one--

guarantee a rerun

Far away a head of state

cultivates a new hate

for those with nothing on their plate

blaming those outside the gate

Advertising intermission

haircut reads the news revision

watch the sponsors’ view transition

into fact through repetition

Dis-united nations

translating procrastination

all regret the devastation

one more wasted generation

Following the new tradition

reinvent the definition:

“victory” with some provisions,

just like the opposition.



Made It This Far
We listened to our teachers

we learned our lessons well
They filled us up with knowledge

till we were ready to rebel

We can study and inquire

and read books to try to learn
But when it comes to our own fire

we seem to need to feel the burn

Now I wonder how we ever made it this far

yes I wonder how we ever made it this far

While you’re young and green and able

you’ve got to raise a little cain
Maybe dancing on the table

maybe shouting in the rain

Moving fast and with loud voices

showed that we were more alive
Despite no shortage of bad choices

somehow we managed to survive
We’ve exceeded expectations

no one thought we’d live this long
Now we try to find redemption

right a couple of the wrongs

We are past our lost and found

and what we gambled in our prime
Against the odds we’re still around

we’re all here on borrowed time


Into Your Mind
Made it This Far
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