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All Lyrics copyright Sherwood Gainer  © all rights reserved

Bubble Burst Mode

     Circus Parade

     Dawn (remix)                  

     Eleven Shades of Black

     Dance With No Name


     I Wanna Be (feat. Stephanie Ly)

     For a New Moon (remix)

     Let Your Love Out

     Ugly Truth

     Who's That Girl?

     Old School

     Open Book

     The Share

     Super Powers (remix)

     Too Fast


     Let Your Hair Down (undead mix)



Circus Parade
Holding down the pavement in front of the apartment,

looking for improvement or maybe entertainment

Theres a circus parade, an endless cavalcade of
humanity displayed  outside my window

politicians and their backers, high society and slackers,
all kinds of animals and crackers… march in limbo

At the top of the pile with a platinum plated smile

is sweet Maxxi Carlisle the existential exile
her license to beguile wont expire for quite a while

and her corrugated hair style has its own FBI file

she's got apocalyptic lipstick, an automagic hat trick

an egocentric self-encrypted laser-guided sidekick
with talent and a tactic for cutting through the static--

she keeps all her own statistics in a locker in the attic

Now, elbow past the oboe catch a glimpse of Mr. Lobo--

an emotional tornado with a creditworthy credo.
The tattoo on his libido reads klatu barada nicto

he speaks fluent innuendo and he sleeps in a tuxedo

With a little introspection while producing a production

he arrived at the conclusion that hed rather do direction
and hope someday for induction in a hall of famer function

on a televised tradition that's rebroadcast with permission

leaders and successors students and professors

sinners and confessors… march in limbo

Over there's Thundercloud Lincoln, the penultimate Mohican

whose spirit was awoken with a New York subway token.

He has no reservation, making up silly narration

like the fall and the salvation of his cranky pet crustation

He wears a cap like Davy Crockett hes a fan of Mr. Spock

and theoretic pyrotechnics like his new Kline bottle rocket.
In the pocket in his jacket a rip in space time fabric

makes him seem surrealistic or at least anachronistic

If you're just going through the motions without passion or emotion
maybe after some reflection you'll look for a new direction.
You can sit with me and watch or even kick it up a notch— and join the circus parade..
An endless cavalcade of humanity displayed outside my window

The sellers and the buyers the believers and deniers
the succeeders and the triers… march in limbo





Dawn (remix)
the eastern sky is glowing
its almost time for showing
a brand new episode of planet earth

darkness fades away
and people start their day
as a dazzling display
breaks the horizon


time continues flowing
with an energy ongoing
theres no turning back or slowing - make it count

work on a solution
make a contribution
during one more revolution of our world

the time to seize is ours
for the few remaining hours
while that massive solar power makes the day

i pause for contemplation
of lifecycles and creation
as we start one more rotation




Eleven Shades of Black
two four six eight ten...
eleven shades of black





The Dance With No Name
You can do the shim sham you can do the can-can
You could do the limbo you could do the zydeco
whip waltz twist tap thats not why you came
everybody wants to try the dance with no name

disco, tango, pogo calypso or the mambo
conga cha-cha hula polka salsa samba bamba

YMCA, the breakaway—they’re old and kinda lame
but everybody's wild about the dance with no name

one step two step dub step quick step box step or the robot
bunny hop frug chicken pony jitterbug or foxtrot
macarana gangnam hand jive
Lindy-hop electric slide

freddy shimmy peabody timewarp or yahoozie
peewee hokey pokie hoochie-coochie or watusi
to me, they’re all the same
c’mon everybody do the dance with no name






Shes positive, Im negative
Shes a sure thing, Im tentative
Shes the top ten, and Im alternative -somehow

Shes sunshine, I'm overcast
Shes first in line, I'm dead last
Shes the bright future, and I'm the checkered past, somehow, somehow

Somehow something made her look my direction
Some force of nature somehow made her want to stay
Through circumstance or luck or maybe cosmic intervention -- i dont question –
We are she and i together now somehow

she sees the bright side, I give my eyes a rest
shes flying colors, I'm not yet done the test
shes never questioned, I'm always second guessed, somehow, somehow

Somehow something made her look my direction
Some force of nature somehow made her want to stay
Through some miracle or other inexplicable connection -- i dont question
we are she and i together now somehow






Whos That Girl
Whos that girl?
Whos that girl on top of the world ?

High voltage electric charger
you make each day just a little larger than life

Starting fires Without matches
You think you’re flameproof Until she catches your eye.

Rude behavior wont upset her
Even bad weather will never get her down






For A New Moon
Zombies drop the kids to practice for the high school play
Aliens are volunteering for the PTA
Godzilla starts a shopping list with milk and eggs and bread
The Mummy eats a sandwich watching tv from his bed

How did our lives get so mundane
When did the reckless passion wane?
Oh, did we burn it all too soon?
We’ll stare at the darkness and howl for a new moon

Frankensteins monster folds the laundry and he starts another load
Wolfman rakes and stacks the leaf bags neatly by the road
Dr. Jeckel cleans the family car and wipes it with a rag
Dracula puts leftovers into a freezer bag

The Blob will spend a quiet evening curled up with a book
Invisable man clears the table in the breakfast nook
Leopard woman writes in her dayplanner with a sigh
The creature from the black lagoon waits for the cable guy






I Wanna Be (Feat. Stephanie Ly)
I wanna be as familiar as your favorite chair, a cool wind blowing through your hair.
your helper and your handy man, the sizzle in your frying pan.

The warm front on your weather chart, your favorite piece of modern art,
the path you wander, your wild blue yonder.

I wanna be… with you for a little while
I wanna be…everything that makes you smile

your secret sauce, your santa claus,
your heartfelt laughter, your happily ever after.





Let Your Love Out
there are moments when life appears unfair
but we’re no better, if we stop showing care
doing the right thing can be the hardest part
it isnt easy, but step up, and show your heart

when you feel timid, afraid, in doubt,  unsure
love can make you stronger, love will reassure
Love is the answer, love is the cure
so let your love out

Love should never be contained
Love works best when unrestrained
Some try keeping love inside but
Love ’s too big to be denied  -- so let it out

Love the loser the winner,the giver,the sinner
The fool and the hater, love now, dont wait for later
Let your love out to your neighbor; love out to a stranger
‘cause living life without love is the real danger -- so let your love out




Ugly Truth

I had a dream where I was falling, lost my phone and missed my calling

My missteps have got me crawling on my knees

If I had learned from each mistake throughout my lifetime,

I'd have myself a couple PhDs


My history seems clearer when I check the rear-view mirror

though a warning says deception's closer than it would appear.

Everybody filters out what  they dont want to hear; beautiful lies, or ugly truth.

Dreamy fabrication, Brutal realization. Truthfully dishonest, broken arts of what was promised; beautiful lies, or ugly truth.


Old School
You’re good at what you do--  youve got experience and knowledge
yet theres more you need to learn but it isnt taught in college
anyone will tell you, there is only one solution

there is no substitution for that hallowed institution called the old school

there isnt any campus, its more like a state of mind
a spiritual tradition and history refined
its easy to get in once you commit to a decision:
they accept all applications and no one pays tuition at the old school

when you feel the presence of your maker in a favorite work of art
or universal understanding certain music can impart
that power only comes when its painted, played , or sung by
true masters of their craft, each one of them alumni of the old school





Open Book
she doesnt need to wait for my confession
all i know is already in her possession
private matters are exposed-- things that shouldnt be disclosed

she can learn my secrets with one look
she can read me like an open book

she picks my brain from the inside
knows things ive never stated or implied
dont tell me your secrets there is nothing i can hide
no matter what ive tried.

I’ll escape this awful head game one day
I’ll get out I know there must be some way





The Share
we have a share of the infinite
in the blink of an eye is our benefit
do what you can – make the most of it
there is solace in rhythm… and repetition
comfort in marking the points of division

all that could be,  all that might be,  all we treasure
try to foresee,  with uncertainty,  how do we measure?

take it , mind it,  lose it,  find it
what lines have been crossed?
make it, fill it, waste it,  kill it
how much was the cost?
can you tell me what weve lost?

are you receiving?
are you comprehending?
is there even meaning
in this message im sending?

i imagine transcending
my vision extending
from before our beginning,
to long after our ending




Super Powers (remix)
I never knew I knew how to fly
'til I was walking by your side  

Now I’m swinging from rooftops feeling fine
whenever I hold your hand in mine

My senses are heightened,  my mind is enlightened
whenever you’re with me, I feel like you give me -- super powers

My X-ray eyes See how you feel
I know that the love in you is real

Ill turn invisable so you can see
the same emotions inside me.

My racing heart cannot be explained:
faster and stronger than a train

my spirits leap high when you’re around
over tall buildings in one bound  




Too Fast
Knuckles white, gripping tight, you fight the wheel;
Engine bruised, gears abused, tires squeal
Gauges in the red, warnings light the dash—
it wont be too long before theres nothing left but ash
dead ahead: heartbreak and disaster--

she turns to whisper, “lets go faster”

disregarding gravity, tires learn to fly;
engine screams for mercy brakes need an alibi;
the speedometer is pinned, and the tach. cant count that high.

too fast; too fast
your road ahead--  is in her past
shes already done with the love you’d just begun—
it couldnt last; shes too fast

police cars lose control or burn out in the chase
and blurry traffic camera pictures dont help build a case

the reckless drivers hall of fame is saving her a place






Well we number several billion,
And we share the same address
There may be some friction or stress
While we’re learning to be doing more with less.

The point of view that I’m expressing
Is not supposed to be depressing
And disagreement is not an attack
At the end of the day, I’ve got your back

Come out from your hide out
Bring the thoughts you keep inside out
Think of what we might’ve worked out
had we shared like this before

Seek a better understanding
Try to make a gentle landing
Return the train of thought to the track
You know it isn’t good intentions that we lack






Let Your Hair Down (undead mix)
let your hair down roll on the ground
or join the rhythm section in jumping all around
move your torso twist it to and fro
swing your arms low show the mojo in your  toes

cause you know soon enough
we go back to the grind
too much work can be rough
take a load off your mind

so let your hips slide shake your backside
with a new dance no ones ever tried
let your limbs sway like theyre on holiday
shake your loose change to the rhythm that we play

Circus Parade
Dawn (remix)
Eleven shares of blk
Dance With No Name
Who's that girl
For a New Moon
I wanna be
Let Your Love Out
old school
open book
the share
super powers
too fast
lrrt your hair dn
Ugly Truth
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