Artist Mini-Bio

Sherwood Gainer likes

to envision potential

then try to create what

is in his mind.

Sherwood and his brother

(Architect Geoffrey Gainer)

learned from their father

the skills to use tools, as

well as a drive to make, modify or change products to suit one's needs.


It was not until middle-age did Sherwood, looking at the blank walls of his home, perceive a need to make art. He picked up a paintbrush started experimenting with shapes, colors, textures, application methods, and all manner of ideas to try to make a canvas visually compelling and  interesting to look at.

Today, Sherwood dabbles in a variety of artistic pursuits. In addition to painting, he has released several CDs of original music, created music videos and short documentaries, and done a bit of photography and writing.

An excerpt from Sherwood's appearance on Herndon Arts With Amy